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                 The Three Points Of Safety Trap

Now down to four (Luba, Brit, Charles, and Mallick) victims, they are locked in a room with explosives rigged on all four corners. There are three chambers of safety that are currently locked. The keys to these chambers are in glass jars hanging above the ceiling. When the clock ticks to zero, the explosives will detonate. "Which one of you will be the odd man out?"...

Three Points Of Safety Trap

"Hello. And welcome to the next lesson. These walls hold three chambers. These chambers offer saftey. However, to access them, a key is needed, but only three of the keys will fit the locks. These keys are in the glass jars hanging from the ceiling. Move quickly, though. Because when the clock ticks down, the explosives in the corners of the room will detonate. With only three points of safety, which of you will be the odd man out? Make your choice."