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                 The See What I See Trap

A woman was stuck in a room with numerous pictures of herself posted and hung up around the room, with the words, "SEE WHAT I SEE" scribbled above a bookcase beside her. Rigg entered the room and found her panicking, trying to escape her chains. Jigsaw revealed this to be Rigg's first test, and advised him to walk away and let Brenda die...
See What I See Trap

"Officer Rigg, your first test. The person in front of you is in desparate need of help. But it is not your job to save them. You view this person as a victim, but if you were to SEE WHAT I SEE, beneath the mask is a criminal undeserving of the life she leads. Your obsession tells you to save the victim. I tell you to walk away. The choice is yours."

"Hello, Brenda. I want to play a game. An officer will try to save you. If he is successful, then your game begins. This man will use these photos to sentence you for your crimes and the only way to stop him is taped underneath the TV. Let him save you and accept your fate and rot in prison...or kill him and guarantee your freedom. Make your choice."