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Will you watch the 8th film of the franchise?

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                 The Pig Vat Trap

For this trap, Jeff entered a room, with a large silo in the middle, in which Judge Halden, lay shackled to the bottom of the silo by a brace around his neck. In order to save the judge and leave the room, Jeff had to retrieve the key, which was hidden among his dead son's possessions, locked in an incinerator on the lower level. He had to activate the incinerator, which would burn up the mementos, leaving only the key remaining...
Pig Vat Trap

"Jeff, when the judge presiding over your case sentenced your boy's murderer so lightly, your soul never recovered. Now you have the power to sentence his soul straight to hell. Or you can forgive. The key that will free him is hidden inside your son's possessions-- possessions you have clung to for far too long. Now, if you flip the switch on the incinerator underneath you, a fire will cleanse you of this obsession and destroy them all, leaving only the key remaining. It is also the key that will bring you closer to the man accountable for taking your child. He doesn't have much time, Jeff. Let the game begin."