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Will you watch the 8th film of the franchise?

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                 The Needle Pit Trap

This traped involved a pit in the middle of a room, filled with thousands of used syringes. A locked door in the room held an antidote, but was set on a short timer. The victim would have to crawl through the syringes and find a key to the locker before the time expired...

Needle Pit Trap

"Hello Xavier. I want to play a game. The game I want to play is very similar to the one you've been playing as a drug dealer. The game of offering hope to the desperate for a price. I think we can agree that your situation is desperate. So I offer you hope. The price you pay is that you must crawl into the same pit of squalor you force your customers into. By entering this room, a timer has been started. When the timer expires, the door in front of you will be locked forever. Only in finding the key, before the timer runs out, can you unlock it, and retrieve the antidote inside. I will give you just one hint to where that key is. It will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Let the game begin."