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                 The Keys Of Life Trap

The five victims (Luba, Brit, Charles, Mallick, and Ashley) all woke up with a collar cable connected to each other. This cable, if pulled hard enough, can decapitate the victim on the mounted razors behind them. In fron of them are five individual glass box pedestals with keys hanging from each of them. These keys will enable the victims to unlock their collars. If one moves to get the key, a 60 second timer will begin. Once the 60 seconds is up, the cables will all be pulled tight, decapitating any victims that remain...

Keys Of Life Trap

"Hello and welcome. From birth, you've all given the advantages of few others. Yet, through poor moral decisions, you've used these advantages to selfishly futher only yourselves at the expense of others. Well today, this singular way of thinking will be put to the test. Today, five will become one with the common goal of survival. You are all connected. A cable runs through your collar devices. It can be pulled so tight that you will be decapitated on the mounted razors. The only way to remove the collar is with the keys from the glass boxes on the pedastals before you. However, if one of you moves to retrieve the key, the 60-second timer will begin for you all. In choosing how to react to the situation, your life-long instincts will tell you to do one thing, but I implore you to do the opposite. Let the games begin."