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                 The Junkyard Trap

The victims of this trap are as trashy as the garbage that surrounds them. Evan is the leader of a pack of racist junkies. He and his 3 other cohorts awaken to find themselves strategically linked together in a gruesome chain of events. Evan has 30 seconds to pull a lever that is just out of his reach in order to stop the chain reaction. The problem is, he's glued to his seat. Reaching the lever means he must peel away from the seat, leaving behind the skin from his back.

Junkyard Trap

"Hello, Evan. I want to play a game. The situation you find yourself in is of your own doing. You, your girlfriend and your friends are all racists. You have intimidated others based on their physical differences. But today, it is you who will run scared. Your pathetic friends follow your every word, Evan. Therefore, you will be the only one capable of saving them and yourself. In thirty seconds, the jacks holding up this car will fall, setting off a deadly chain of events. In order to stop this from happening, you must tear yourself away from the seat to which you are glued. Then you must pull the red lever before you. But no act comes without a sacrifice. You've judged others by the color of their skin, and today, Evan, you will learn that we are all the same color on the inside. Live or die, Evan. The choice is yours."