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                 The Hearing Trap

Bobby's best friend Cale is blindfolded and stands helplessly on the other side of a room. The room is missing all its floorboards, should Bobby or Cale fall, they would surly die. Bobby must direct Cale with his words to get him as close as possible. Meanwhile, Bobby must also inch his way across the unsteady planks to reach a key that unlocks the noose Cale is attached to.

Hearing Trap

"Hello, Bobby. Across from you is your closest friend. He knows all your sins, yet he acts as though he hears no evil. Today, what he hears will be the difference between life and death. Bobby, you must help Cale to walk over the planks and get as close to you as possible. Find your own way across the beams to the key. You must get it over the last span between you. If the noose around Cale's neck is not removed within sixty seconds, a winch will be engaged and your secret will be left hanging. Does Cale live or die, Bobby? The choice is yours."