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Will you watch the 8th film of the franchise?

Yes, I will.
Not sure yet.

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                 The Hanging Trap

Hanging Trap

"Hello, William. You are presently one step closer to understanding the errors of your way. Standing on the platform above me are two of your colleagues. One is a young, healthy man with a ling life ahead of him. The other, a middle-aged woman with the deadly combination of high body fat and a family history of diabetes. According to policy, the latter demonstrates the traits that deem her unworthy. However, as your secretary of then years, you know the loss she will be in her family, while young Allen will disappear without a blip on the world's radar. Only one can exit this room - and the choice of whom falls upon you. Choose within sixty seconds or you will be unable to advance. According to policy your choice is clear, but when face-to-face with people whose blood will stain your hands, can you make the same decision? The choice is yours."