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                 The Flammable Jelly Trap

Mark Rodriguez was trapped in a dark room with broken glass covering the floor, numbers written on the walls, and a safe in the room, and covered in a flammable substance. Mark was only given a candle, a box of matches, and the recorder to receive his instructions. From the recording, Mark learned that he had a slow-acting poison in his system which gave him about two hours to find the correct combination to the safe which contained his needed antidote...

Flammable Jelly Trap

"Hello Mark. If you're so sick, then why do I have so many photos of you up and about? Let's put your so-called illness to the test. Right now, there is a slow-acting poison in your veins. The antidote is inside the safe. The combination to the safe is written on the wall. Hurry up and program it in. But watch your step. By the way, that's flammable substance smeared on your body. So I would be careful with that candle, if I were you, or all the people you've burned with your act just might have their revenge."