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Will you watch the 8th film of the franchise?

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                 The Drill Chair Trap

This trap has two drills attached to the either sides of a chair with the drill bits facing the temples of the victim. Upon activation, the drills moved closer to the victim's head, which was held steady by a metal neck brace. To escape, Detective Sing must find the correct key to unlock the brace...

Drill Chair Trap

"Awake already, Jeff? I need more powerful tranquilizers next time. Don't cry. I've given your life a purpose. You're a test subject for something greater than yourself."
"Now you'll make a choice. In 20 seconds, the life of this man will be ended. One key will unlock it. It's in the box. Time is running out. What's more important to you, Officer, arresting me, or the life of another human being?"