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                 The Bathroom Trap

This trap involved two victims, Adam Faulkner and Dr. Lawrence Gordon who had were locked in a grimy industrial bathroom. Both were chained at the ankle to pipes at opposing sides of the room. The objective for Dr. Gordon was to kill Adam before time expired whereas Adam's objective was to survive...

Bathroom Trap

"Dr. Gordon. This is your wake-up call. Every day of your working life, you have given people the news that they are going to die soon. Now you will be the cause of death. Your aim in this game is to kill Adam. You have until 6:00 on the clock to do it. There's a man in the room with you. When there is that much poison in your blood, the only thing left to do is shoot yourself. There are ways to win this hidden all around you. Just remember: 'X' marks the spot for the treasure. If you do not kill Adam by 6:00, then Alison and Diana will die, Dr. Gordon. And I'll leave you in this room to rot. Let the game begin."