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                 The 10 Pints Of Sacrifice Trap

In the final trap, the exit door can only be opened if the victims sacrifice ten pints of their blood into the special device in the center of the room. This device is also equipped with circular saws, which activate as soon as the message ends. The victims will have 15 minutes to decide what to do next. After that, a bomb will explode and the doors will be sealed forever. "How much blood will you give to survive?"...

10 Pits Of Sacrifice Trap

"Hello and welcome. This journey has been one of discovery and hopefully, you've discovered the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The human body, for instance, is an astoundingly durable creation. It contains approximately ten pints of blood. Yet it is still able to operate with just half of that. The device before you is one of sacrifice. A sacrifice of blood. In order to open the door, the beaker must be filled to the marked level. A level that is of no coincidence. This amount can come from any one of you. But that does not matter. What does matter is time. For in 15 minutes, if the beaker is not filled, the bombs will explode and the doors will be sealed forever. So now I ask you: How much blood will you give in order to survive?"