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                 It's a trap.
                 Most memorable SAW 4 movie quotes. Read or die. Make your choice.
Jigsaw: You think it is over, but the games have just begun.

Jigsaw: I promise that my work will continue.

Jigsaw: Time is an illusion that cannot be given.

Jigsaw: "Cherish your life" is the motto this whole organization is built on. Cherish your life... your life.

Jigsaw: Leave, Jill. If you can't do it for me, do it for yourself.

Jigsaw: I can assure you detective, my games have just begun.

Jigsaw: You feel you now have control, don't you? You think you will walk away untested. I promise that my work will continue. That I have ensured. By hearing this tape, some will assume that this is over, but I am still among you. You think it's over just because I am dead. It's not over. The games have just begun.

Jigsaw: Your life is a lie, Cecil. Now comes your moment of truth. It's the tool: the tool that's going to save your life.

Jigsaw: I want to play a game. Your life is a lie Cecil, but now comes your moment of truth. As a drug addict and a thief you've preyed on the kindness of others to fuel your addiction. Today, we're bring the ugliness inside of you out into the open. Now in order for you to stay alive, you have to match your face with the ugliness of your soul. Just lean forward into the knives with your face. Press hard enough and you will release the arm and leg restraints that bind you. Press hard though, and you'll be free, or you can sit idly and bleed out on the floor. Live or die Cecil, make your choice.

Jigsaw: Hello Officer Rigg. Welcome to your rebirth. For years you have stood by and witnessed as your colleges have fallen. You have remained untouched, while Eric Matthews has disappeared. But with your survival, became your obsession. Obsession to stop those around you for making the wrong choices. Thus, preventing you from making the right ones. You wanted to save everyone. TONIGHT, I give you the oppurtunity to face your obsession. Look closely. Eric Matthews is still alive. The block of ice he stands upon, is melting. He has BUT 90 minutes to save himself. Detective Hoffma's fate is linked to Eric's survival. Heed my warning, Officer Rigg. Their lives hang in the balance of your obsession. Will you learn how to let go and truly save them? The choice is yours.

Jigsaw: Hello Brenda. I want to play a game. An officer will try to save you. If he is successful, then your game begins. This man will use these photos to sentence you for your crimes and the only way to stop him is tapped underneath the TV. Let him save your life, and accept your fate to rot in prison, or kill him... and guarentee your freedom. Make your choice.

Jigsaw: You see, things aren't sequential. Good doesn't lead to good, nor bad to bad. People who steal, don't get caught, live the good life. Others lie, cheat and get elected. Some people stop to help a stranded motorist and get taken out by a speeding semi. There's no accounting for it. How you play the cards your dealt - that's all that matters.

Jigsaw: Hello Ivan. As a voyeur you've kept photos of those you have victimized. Can you see the pain you have brought them? You have torn apart their lives. You have used your body as an instrument of abuse. Now I give you the chance to decide what is more important... Your eyes which have led you blindly astray? Or, your body? Which has caused all those around you endless suffering. You have been handed the tools which can save your life... decide quickly though, in 60 seconds... the choice will be made for you.

Hoffman: You don't ever go through an unsecure door. Ever.

Hoffman: You fu**in' hear me, you fu**in' motherfu**er?!

Strahm: Girl loves boy, Boy loves girl, Boy gets girl pregnant, Girl loses baby, Boy turns into a serial killer.

Eric: I dont want to play anymore.

Art: Hey, ***hole. If you jump off that block, you electrocute him. If that block had melted more, he'd be fried. Do you understand?

Art: Listen to me. I'm not the one you gotta worry about. You understand me? I'm not the one you gotta worry about. ***hole.

Art: I recommend you stay alive until the fu**in' clock counts down.

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