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Fred Rogers

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Fred Rogers

Postby VaCcAr0 » April 11th, 2018, 5:49 am

Fred Rogers was a wonderful man and he is indeed someone I still look up to. I think all of us should. I appreciate it now even more so as an adult. But I've watched him ever since I was a kid. Here are few videos that I find to be awe inspiring:

This is Fred Rogers speaking with Charlie Rose And I've noticed a lot of key things he says in this video really resonate with me and my decision to practice meditation. And it encourages me to keep going with it. Notice his calm and soft spoken demeanor. Calm is the perfect state of mind to be in. He says "We live in a noisy world and we need to enjoy the silence" and that "revelation can only come through silence" and that "we live in a world where we're too focused on numbers. We need to be focused on being present in the moment" All of these things are key ideas when doing mindfulness meditation.

This is another video about Fred Roger's power of persuasion. Fred Rogers utilizes Pathos, Ethos, and Logos very well. All too often we wait for our turn to speak when we really should be listening and being more receptive. It's very easy, especially when talking with a stubborn person who is disagreeing with you on something you feel very strongly about, to get offended or upset or be tempted to get into the insults. But this accomplishes nothing other than making you more pissed off. What we need to do is calm down, be present, learn how to listen, and understand how the human mind works. Our minds are both logical and emotional. How many times have we done something (or not done something) despite that fact that we logically KNOW that we shouldn't (or should)? Sometimes the emotional part of brain overpowers the logical. This is human nature. But I think the more we are AWARE of this and we learn to be more mindful, it gets easier to not get caught up in the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are distracting us.

These are of course important skills that I intend to keep improving on.
Now, I think it's time to watch some Mr. Rogers. Like I did when I was little.

Mr. Rogers, it's you I like
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