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So, who should direct Jigsaw 2?

Sequel or Prequel?

So, who should direct Jigsaw 2?

Postby Saw Warrior » July 1st, 2018, 3:12 am

Assuming that we're getting Jigsaw 2 news on this year's Comic-Con ( if it that's the case at all ), they could reveal who's directing it.

Any idea about the best professional to deal with Jigsaw 2?

1) James Wan - created the franchise, would be great. However, he's too busy now and won't direct another Saw.

2) Leigh Whannell- also created the franchise, has directed some great flicks ( Upgrade is amazing!!! ). Not sure if he would get the job.

3) Darren Bousmann- Directed Saw 2,3 and 4. I guess he's tired of Saw at this point. Then again, he never found box office sucess after he dropped the series.

4) David Hackl- Saw 5 isn't the best Saw and it had a ton of problems, but most of them were related to writing. I guess he would like to get another chance, or perhaps not after what happened during Saw 3D's production.. Guy was fired and replaced by Kevin, right before filming started. Maybe some bad blood remains. No idea.

5) Kevin Greutert- Saw 6 was great, but Saw 3D was very weak ( writing was a big problem ). He also edited most of the Saw movies ( including Jigsaw ). Maybe he wants to just edit Saw movies from now on. Saw 3D's production had the problem with changing directors. Not sure.

6) The Spierig Brothers- I liked Jigsaw and I think it's a very solid Saw flick, much better than Saw 3,4,5 and 3D. It seems they were just a "hired gun" and basically just came and directed it. Direction was solid, acting was fine. I wouldn't mind seeing them back again eventually. Winchester wasn't a huge sucess, though it made a profit. Jigsaw was a sucess and made a nice profit.

7) Ben Nott- Someone said his name is mentioned during the producers commentary for the dvd. I think that makes sense. Most of Saw directors were people who worked or were part of the crew ( James Wan was the creator, David Hackl was desginer, Kevin was the editor ). So Ben Nott would be great, I liked Jigsaw's photography, he made a great job with it.

Any other choices?
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Re: So, who should direct Jigsaw 2?

Postby Vinc360 » July 2nd, 2018, 2:35 am

James Wan or Leigh Whannell at the top of the list, followed by Kevin Greutert, then Bousman.

Spierigs are not returning and Hackl did bad with both 5 and 3D. Greutert had nearly nothing to do with it creatively. At the end of the day, the producers call the shots. Hackl seemed to show no resistance at the weaker ideas, while it's clear Wan and Whannell would have the pull to do so. Greutert and Bousman also have both shown a great understanding of what makes the series work, and a willingness to fight for those ideas. Spierigs, by their own admission, were shocked at the low amount of creative input they were allowed to have, and didn't seem to think it was worth a fight. Just my impressions.
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Re: So, who should direct Jigsaw 2?

Postby Faerie Tanith » July 3rd, 2018, 3:17 pm

My friend is studying to become a movie director. I'd trust her.
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