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How to make a 'Modern' era Jigsaw trap.

Sequel or Prequel?

How to make a 'Modern' era Jigsaw trap.

Postby Teiseja Melchiora » December 1st, 2017, 9:48 am

So one of the more universally criticisms, as far as I have seen and also one I personally feel, is that Jigsaw's traps relied too heavily on past inspirations with very little in terms of original content. Both in the sense that it lacked fresh, unique traps and that it didn't do enough to deviate from the blueprints of the originals it referenced.

Now, like a lot of people around here I have my own ideas what to do for a Jigsaw 2. How it should be approached tonally, how to plug in the old plot holes (and with minimal screen time to boot, really they're simply fixes), ect.

However before I dare tackle another giant write up I want to test the waters with something smaller first. And, essentially, something 'core' to the heart of these movies.

Because, let's be honest, we all adore the story elements to bits. But if you can't build a worthwhile trap your Saw-movie is going to fall flatter than a Saw VI Strahmcake.

So what I'm going to do here is share with you my idea for what would essentially be the very first few minutes of Jigsaw 2. Since it focuses on the main game, it will give you a broad idea what I consider a true, proper Modern-Jigsaw trap would look like.

I'm quite interested to see some feedback here just to observe how other fans of this series react to the approach. So fire away with comments, critiques, ect~.


*Intro Logos*
*Fade to Black*

-The opening shot of Jigsaw 2 takes place in a very 'clinical' conference room. Essentially think of the aesthetic when you see something akin to an Apple store or a See's Candy. A meeting place for the higher executives of a cutting edge tech-production company.-

-The lights are dimmed, there are two doors leading out of the room, with different symbols painted upon them, but they are hazy because the shot is currently foreground focused on our main character. For now we'll call her Clarissa. A sharply dressed woman in formal, high end, business attire.-

-The camera is panning around, gradually aligning with Clarissa's PoV. As it spins we see an overhanging window peering down on a sealed, large office space below. Tinted over with one-way mirror glass so that executives may view product testers or interview processes unobserved by those in the lower room.-

"...live or die Clarissa, the choice is yours."

(We have 'cold opened' in the very start of Jigsaw 2's main game. Intentionally we have come in on Clarissa at the very end of her tape. We have no idea what has been said prior.)

-The camera zooms in on a pedestal between Clarissa and the overlook. There is a touch screen that has just finished playing out the Jigsaw Audio file. Clarissa attempts to tap the 'Replay' symbol only to have the screen swap over to a 32x32 grid, a pixel-game map with a variety of symbols upon it. As she yells at the screen in frustration, we cut the camera outwards.-

-We travel down to the lower floor where another character, we'll call him Anderson for now, is awakening with a start. Anderson is presented in general assembly line factory worker attire.-

(There are reasons I am mentioning this, will detail if the larger write up comes to pass.)

-Anderson's room is much darker than Clarissa's, barely illuminated just enough to make out his surroundings. The interview room has been stripped bare. There is a small section of carpet still existing, stretching out just barely enough to provide a 'safe/starting zone' at his end of the room. Across the other end is a door, shut, with two unlit lights above it. One red, one green. Further above it is an inactive TV screen by which Billy will soon appear.-

-The rest of the room, to a degree, mirrors the touch screen we just glimpsed above. There is an array of 32x32 large, dark panels covering the floor and ceiling. They have all manner of perforations across their surface, many of them end-capped with small glass-like coverings. Anderson's calls for help trigger the red light into the on-position and a sound file plays over the room's speakers.-

(I would need to think through how to properly phrase the tape-contents in a cryptic manner. For now here is a simple synopsis.)

-Anderson is revealed to have placed far too great a token of self-worth on the fears relating to job performance. He's allowed his personal relationships to crumble, destroyed his own ego, and essentially turned himself into a hollow shell to keep up with company labor demands. Too afraid to take life into his own hands and instead allowing the company he works for to devour him whole. This is why he attempted to take his own life recently and why Jigsaw now gives him a chance to find the spark of life again.-

-It is explained that the panels before him are sensitive to the slightest of pressures and will activate the instant he steps on them. The right ones on the path to his salvation are harmless, but the others pretty much 'bad news'. Anderson finds this out the hard way by not stopping to consider the tape's words.-

-Stepping on one of the wrong panels causes several lines of orange-tinted lasers to form thin wire-like bars, vertically strung like fencing posts. A loud flesh-searing hiss fills the room as Anderson swiftly retreats. These are not the Laser Collar style of lasers. Instead of searing clear through his flesh they have instead left shallow 'cauterized tears' across his face; some even burning through his shoe to singe the flesh of his foot.-

-This effectively sets the stage as thus: These lasers will slowly cut in deeper with each exposure as there will be less and less surface skin to protect him. Hit too many wrong panels are it's a death by inches (or a thousand cuts, depending on alignment.)-

(Aside from the correct path, one can put together that Anderson might survive if he mad-dashes straight through the center and to the door. He'll be horribly marred doing so, but he'll survive. Problem is he clearly does not have that kind of resolve.)

-While this is happening, above Clarissa has been staring at her panel with trepidation. She seems afraid to touch any of the squares, her hand shaking violently and requiring many failed attempts to even press one of the grid squares. Finally, she pushes one of the squares adjacent to Anderson's starting zone. It turns green and the word 'Safe' flashes upon it.-

-However, in quite the opposite sense of the word. We quick jump to a collar around Clarissa's neck that delivers a crippling electric surge to her body. By the time she recovers the following changes have happened to her monitor:

(A new Speaker icon has appeared.
(The squares around the Safe square have changed color. The north one is red, the east one is orange, the west one is yellow.
(The square Anderson stepped on is marked with a Danger symbol, the others surrounding it have undergone similar color transitions.)

Unlike before, Clarissa holds little fear over touching the speaker icon. She does so and a vocal connection is established between her room and the room below.-

-Clarissa and Anderson exchange dialog. He actually recognizes her as 'his boss'. Which helps get the banter flowing quicker than a usual moment of Saw-distrust. Clarissa explains she can help him escape, but he has to trust her and follow her every instruction without arguing.-

-Anderson is hesitant, but Clarissa taps a new icon on her screen (A TV symbol), which displays her monitor on the television in Anderson's room. She guides him to step on the 'Safe' square. He does, nothing happens. She then guides him onto the yellow square. On the monitor this changes into a 'safe' square as well as color alterations of the surrounding panels.-

-In this manner she quickly guides him halfway through the maze with ease.-

(It is noted by observant members of the audience that every time Anderson lands on a safe square there is a loud 'tap' from Clarissa hitting the monitor. However her taps are producing nothing on Anderson's screen.)

-At this point there is some hesitation in her directions. When Anderson questions her about this she reassures him and instruction him to walk onto a new blue colored square. Not the yellow one to his north. Confused, Anderson listens. However upon stepping on this square shallow needles pop out and pierce his foot. Upon doing their damage, the panel sealed up to imply this trap is a once-trigger event.-

-Anderson understandably argues with Clarissa over this. His map shows the panels this reveals to give only blue and red options. Clarissa tells him to advance that direction anyway, but Anderson refuses, instead taking the prior yellow path. He lands on a safe panel and continues a bit further, using his screen as a guide. All the while Clarissa slowly turns from soft warnings to a near panic shout about to escape her mouth; almost angry at Anderson's failure to listen to her.-

-But Anderson is stopped in his tracks when one of the yellow panels produces a Laser trigger, sending him realing blindly back, bouncing off two more trigger panels before curling up in agony. Clarissa quickly uses this moment of hesitation to explain her theory. The color guide is an 'exact' chart. Yellow is 'probably safe' but not 100% safe. Orange is 'probably dangerous'. And red is 'very likely dangerous'. Like a game of Minesweeper. She begs him to believe her that the blue-route is the only way to go.-

-Between the pain and fear Anderson hesitates, slowly turning around to look up at his screen only to have it shut down suddenly. Clarissa states that he either has to trust her now or go it blind. But she cannot afford to have him die here. Embittered, but with no other option, Anderson follows her others.-

-The blue path damaged Anderson quite severely, about 3/4ths of the way to the exit one of his panels triggers the green light above his door; a key symbol revealed to be within. However the route she is taking him on required a long L-bend around the corner of the room. Pain ridden and beyond desperate, Anderson braced his arms over his head and face and plows through the panels, screaming under the every 'web' of laser wire he breaks through.-

-In the end he throws himself at the 'end zone' before the door. Screaming like a feral animal with several, nasty scarring wounds all over his arms, legs, and feet. The shock from the pain forces him into unconsciousness before he can leave the room. Clarissa yells through the speaker system to get a response, but eventually comes to accept the notion that Anderson is either dead or slow-dying and she can do nothing from here.-

-She leaves the conference room, stopping before the two doors in a moment of hesitation. The left one holds a Puzzle Piece and is otherwise unmarked and seemingly unsecured. The right one holds the symbol of a white rabbit. Previously bolted shut which automatically unlocked when the green key-light over it activated.-

-Clarissa entered through the rabbit door and the opening title for 'Jigsaw 2' flashes across the screen.-


No 'unrelated opening' trap here. Just cutting right to the chase with the Main Game.

I'm sure you've seen parallels to the original Saw trap, the Razor Wire Maze. Both featuring a maze with a slow-cutting implement. Both focused on a suicidal victim. However that's where the similarities begin and end.

Love them or hate them, Jigsaw effectively opened the 'laser box' and I'm hoping this 'toned down' version proves to be threatening while still allowing that more 'modern/future' vibe that I think Jigsaw should've more heartily embraced rather than trying to cheat and be neo-retro for John's 'first traps'.

As for what I call this one....not sure. Currently floating with 'Laser Wire Maze' or 'Lasersweeper'.

And no, I don't think lasers should appear maybe more than once a Jigsaw movie. For better or worse they are sort of Logan's trademark now. There's some under elements here that are in place at the consideration of a larger narrative and I'd love to elaborate. But for now let's just see if this trap flies or flops.

You be the judge. :smoke:
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Re: How to make a 'Modern' era Jigsaw trap.

Postby Faerie Tanith » December 1st, 2017, 1:54 pm

...this is a lot to swallow in one go.
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Re: How to make a 'Modern' era Jigsaw trap.

Postby Logan_Nelson » December 3rd, 2017, 12:12 am

Wow, lots to read but I admire the enthusiasm. I like the detail you put into this.
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Re: How to make a 'Modern' era Jigsaw trap.

Postby LukeG » December 4th, 2017, 10:34 am

I enjoy your tale.
But Saw should keep the same aesthetic. I would say almost grimy steampunk in the way the traps look and feel. Gears/mechanics and analog devices are a must. If they went to touch screens ect. I would have to hang my coat. That's just me.
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Re: How to make a 'Modern' era Jigsaw trap.

Postby LitmusG1 » December 7th, 2017, 12:26 am

Hi mate I enjoyed reading this and you deserve a lot more replies!

Unfortunately I agree with LukeG (no relation!) and would prefer less modern traps in future films. I didn’t mind the laser trap in jigsaw but would not really want to see lasers again, or the use of other high tech screens/gadgets. I just think there’s something about a mechanical trap that can’t be stopped once set in motion vs something controlled by a computer.

But I love your effort and would happily read any other ideas you or anyone else has!

Not too long before the dvd now I hope...
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