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Saw V rumor about abandoned building

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Saw V rumor about abandoned building

Postby evanmav » August 2nd, 2017, 3:26 am

I remember originally reading a rumor that with Saw V the abandoned building that the group all had a hand in was actually the Saw II house. Was there any truth to the rumor? I remember thinking that it actually made sense, but then I read that the directors had no way to really pull it off and failed in the end and that's why SAW V was kind of a mess.

If you think about it, it has some merit to it. I believe that the number of people they said died in the house was similar to the amount of people that would be in the SAW II house. Also, the rumor was that Hoffman was living in the SAW II house since you see that Hoffman's house looks like the SAW II house has been remodeled (after the house catches on fire Hoffman renovates it). It seems like at the very least the directors/writers were trying to at least attempt this rumor, and I do think it would have been really cool to pull it off since it would have tied the SAW V game even more to the Saw series.

I haven't seen Saw V in a while, but it was always something that I thought was very interesting. But in the end I can't imagine it actually being true because if it was actually the SAW II house that the group was involved in then the police/firefighters would have definitely discovered the bathroom, and then as well there is no way that Hoffman would be able to then build his new house there as it seems just too weird.

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