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                 Profile of Jigsaw
                 Tobin Bell as John "Jigsaw" Kramer in SAW

Jigsaw Jigsaw also known as John Kramer is a mastermind serial killer. Kramer is a dying cancer patient who is obsessed with teaching people the value of their own lives. Jigsaw builds deadly traps for his subjects, which symbolize what is missing in the victim's life. Each trap Jigsaw refers to as "game", and tells the person the "rules" of the game either by audio or video tape. The rules usually consist of tasks that the victim must adhere to in order to survive.

John Kramer was originally a toy designer who lived an uneventful life out of complacency. His attitude didn't change until he discovers he has cancer, a revelation of how valuable his life is. Kramer becomes distraught after watching people waste their lives, knowing he will die soon. Kramer eventually decides to dedicate the portion of his life to make people appreciate their own lives by forcing them of face death.

Mini Biography of Tobin Bell
Born on 7 August 1942, in Queens, NY City, USA

Tobin Bell is an American film and television actor who was born in Queens, NY and raised in Weymouth, MA.

Tobin Bell often plays the role of a villain and serial killer, he was cast as Unabomber Theodore John Kaczynski in the made-for-TV movie Unabomber: The True Story, and most recently has played the role of the nefarious "Jigsaw," a serial killer who wants others to appreciate the value of life via twisted "games" in the 2004 film Saw and its sequels. He received a 2006 MTV Movie Award nomination for "Best Villain" and a nomination for "Best Butcher" in the Fuse/Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

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